world on fire
1:49 p.m.

So the world's probably ending soon, right? Can we all agree on that? I can't stop looking at the weather trends. My heart is broken for Pakistan. And I can't help but feel awful for the folks who are being battered down by the heat, towns without clean drinking water, and the rivers that are drying up.

What the hell are we supposed to do? I'm thinking about changing jobs, but what is that even good for if the world is on the brink of being uninhabitable? I'd like to quit my job and just galavant around with the wife, indulging in good food, good friends, and seeing the world before it turns into an unrecognizable place. But that also seems reckless and hedonistic.

I've definitely changed, recently, in terms of how I view life - probably because of everything going on the world, probably because I expect my dad to die in the next 2 years. Life is short, eat the ice cream. But also be responsible, and kind, and don't give the fuck up.

I feel like I'm caught between two worlds, sometimes.

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